Eid Mubarak!

This weekend I finally experienced the wrath of the rains in Mumbai. It was like pouring a bucket over the entire city the entire weekend. It was crazy. I’ve never seen such consistent rain like that, ever. Even when I was living in Guatemala, and it rained there, really, really, really, hard; but it only ever rained for a few hours, and then the rain subsided. Here it just doesn’t stop. This rain followed me back to Pune, causing our train to be two hours delayed. It was fine, but just wet. Today I went to a center, I waited for the worst of the rain to die down, but the lull didn’t last too long. By the time I got to the office my rain boots (like the huge ones we use in New York, but these are really nice quality) were not only sloshy with water, but I actually poured a huge amount of water out of them after I took them off. I made huge puddles all over the office. (I felt a little bad about that).
This weekend Anna Hazare ended his fast but not the battle. I read this great article about him in the Economist, which a friend sent me and I can’t find on the net, but it basically says that both sides aren’t really great, Anna Hazare or Manmohan Singh (the Prime Minister). Basically the Lokpal bill might just create another bureaucracy and not solve any problems. Singh is wrong because he lets blatant corruption, persist (such as after the Commonwealth Games in 2010). There were still protests as of Sunday though.
This weekend was nice, even with the rain. I took the train to and from Mumbai after a long time. A friend of mine, and student, came with me. She really enjoyed herself. She also found my blog and now said that I should write about our travels. On train ride back, the wettest ride ever, we couldn’t see the tracks because the rain was covering at least 5 inches above them. If you can tell my mind is consumed by rain and water. The train ride was also great because of napping and being able to sit down and read my book. It’s an odd experience to read “All The Pretty Horses” in India. It completely brings me out of where I am and back to a place I never knew but used to be slightly more familiar.

Yesterday we had a guest speaker. There’s going to be a TED event in Mumbai on Friday so one of the speakers came to speak with us first. The TED event is focused around education. He was a great presenter if nothing else. He began by telling us a bit about himself. One of the slides was a picture that reminded me of Vermont. He was saying how he was from Boston and went to Vermont for summer camp. My eyes lit up. No, he didn’t go to Thoreau (my 7 year summer camp) but our “rival” camp, camp Billings. He knew of Thoreau and it’s history; that it closed. He remembered coming to visit for a sports event or two. How small is the world?

Today is Eid, the Muslim holiday that comes at the end of Ramzan (we know it as Ramadan). I have the day off and will spend the afternoon with a coworker/friend who is celebrating in his neighborhood. I’m very excited; I heard the festivities and food are great. Eid Mubarak!

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