cat and the frro

I feel cheated by the end of the book I was reading. My favorite Indian author, Rabindranath Tagore put me through a long political, love, emotional story only to give an unsatisfactory ending. I feel betrayed. The story itself was superbly interesting. I read a few pages every morning while sipping on coffee and eating my cereal. I’m upset it ended so abruptly. His writing is absolutely superb. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but he is also the author of the national anthem for both India and Bangladesh. He’s a true poet.
My landlady hates cats. She makes a hiss/yip sound when they’re around. She tells me that I should shoo them away too. I’m not a cat fan, I’m a dog person, but I can’t justify shooing away any animal like she does. I find it a little fun the way she does it. She knows that. There is a cat family, a mom and three newborn kittens that lives in and around the house. I saw them last week as I came up the stairs; the kittens were nursing. That same day she told me that there were kittens that were born and living behind the house. I said I knew because I saw them nursing. You can tell she doesn’t really hate them by the way she talks about them, the words are not nice but she doesn’t speak in a hateful manner. Her son warned me not to feed them (I had already given them a bite of bread as they ran away from me but I’m not sure if they ate it). I said I wouldn’t. This morning she said that a dog mangled the mom cat. She sounded so sad and said that the cat was found dead behind the house. She doesn’t know what happened to the babies. There are two sets of stair, the first that leads to my floor and then the next set that leads to the roof. I heard at least one kitten in the piles of papers by the door to the roof and have decided to give it milk. Is that wrong? I can’t let it die up there. They’re pretty small. I feel really bad.
I’m also quite confused about my visa situation. I went to the FRRO office today expecting to get turned away or for them to automatically reject my visa, to face police who were in bad moods (like the past few times I went), to have to run around in circles, to be generally frustrated. My papers were filed within an hour and a half. I did have to run to 4 different desks for punching in information or getting different stamps on different papers (that process I find slightly ridiculous), but in general it was the smoothest visit I’ve ever had to a police office in India. I don’t know how to feel about that. The woman at the desk (the same woman I dealt with the past two times I was there) was much friendlier; she even smiled once, and said I should find out within a month. They don’t take your passport, but send you some papers in the mail. My visa expires in a month so I expressed that concern. She said that once my papers are filed I don’t have to worry. I’m concerned that it went so smoothly. My biggest (although a little silly) desire is that I want to be home for Christmas. I’m not in any way a religious person, but it is a really great family holiday. I might be a little crazy for wanting to be around in the cold, especially after hearing about last winter, but I want to be home for that too. I wrote a long upset email to some of my close friends and family expressing my angst and frustration. My sister wrote a lovely little poem about how I can just be home now, and wouldn’t it be nice to see her sooner. It would. That whole thing made me want to be home right now. Except that I don’t want to leave her just yet. That and tickets are ridiculously expensive for September.

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