Goodbye Luca

I don’t think driving a bike is more dangerous than parking one or pulling out of a parking lot. The only times I’ve ever gotten into an incident on my bike has been in parking lots. This is due to the lovely architects or whoever who decided to pave the parking lot with a material that becomes extremely slippery when wet. Last night while on my way to the goodbye dinner for Luca from the gym I fell while leaving the parking lot. I fell because of a little puddle. This is the most hurt I’ve gotten since being here. It doesn’t help that today I developed a cold that cancels air from entering or exiting my nose. So I have a nice gash on my knee and a bruise that’s coming up underneath it. I’m angrier at stupid architects who decided to pave parking lots with slippery material than anything else. I will not let this ruin my time though.
While on the floor for a few seconds trying to grip reality and realize that I was on the floor and ok I debated going back upstairs, breaking down and crying in the gym out of pure shock (and a little bit of pain), but I ventured on, holding back the tears from inside my broken helmet. The helmet itself isn’t broken, just the front plexiglas part, and it’s not broken because of that fall but because I’ve dropped it so many times.

I met Luca, Shweta, Yuri and Yatin for Luca’s farewell, excused myself for getting emotional for a second and broke down and cried. None of them could believe that I was crying. It’s weird because at home in the US I’m a crier, it’s just what I do. It’s not a bad thing, it lets out emotions, but here, I rarely cry, if ever. They were shocked. I don’t know why or how I’ve changed but I think it’s interesting.

On to more interesting things, we celebrated at one of our usual spots, having fun in each other’s company. Luca will be missed by all of us. It’s also marking a new phase for me because I only really start to become friends with everyone else around the same time the Luca entered the picture. Luca put it best when he wrote once, “what happens when you get an Italian, an American and two Indians together in Pune? A beautiful group of friends.” Although he said that in Italian, it definitely holds true in all languages.

    • yuri
    • August 11th, 2011

    i ‘louve’ that ending … joyous 🙂

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