Small update

My parents wondered where I had gone. I haven’t written in over a week. Yes, I’ve been busy, yes, I’ve wanted to write, no don’t worry, everything’s fine. I got my computer fixed – my CD drive was popping CDs out as soon as they were put in. I got it fixed in a day! Macs are pricier in general here, much pricier, so I was surprised that I got it fixed for about $24. Now I can watch my movies that I brought, that is, if I ever spent any time at home.
Last weekend was really great. Not to mention I got to spend time at my friend’s house in Mumbai, but I got to bring some of my Pune capoeira students with me to share in the wealth of my friendships and of capoeira. If I say it was fun too many times, it would kill the fun of it, so I’ll just leave it as it was a little more adventurous than my normal Mumbai trips because there were some extra guests. Next to next weekend (meaning in 2 weekends – because that’s how they say that here) we’ll have a larger crowd of visitors.
I guess now is a good a time as any to talk about my capoeira group in Pune. I don’t want to start a group, it’s not my intention, in fact, I’d just love it if people could just get to know what capoeira is, if I could just spill out all my knowledge then that would be a good start for capoeira in Pune. They’re a really great group of people. On Monday we went to see Zindagi na Milega Dobara – meaning you only have one life. It was a Hindi film. I got lost here and there, but the film was nice – a coming of age story type thing for mid 20 guys who are all at different crossroads in their lives. That very much sounds like a nice little commercial for it. There were some of us from class and Luca, and after the intermission he commented on the length of the film. It was a typical Bollywood film of almost 3 hours. It was funny to see someone else’s reaction to something Indian. He’s moving back to Italy, which leaves me back by myself to reflect on little Indianisms that only an outsider sees. It’s also easier to talk about it with someone else from outside. Its upsetting too because as it has happened with a few of my other friends here, he’s become a good friend fast. We’re all sad to see him go.
This past weekend I had a nice conversation with my friend Alcides, a capoeira student, who is from Mozambique, about being a foreigner in India. Indians view us differently because of our skin color as well. He’s here for college and said that when he first got here some people asked to touch him. I can’t say that I’m too shocked, but I am, if only just a bit. There are many immigrants in this city. There is a huge population of Iranians. Most people when they meet me ask if I’m German or Iranian, then they’ll ask if I’m from the UK. Even my capoeira group is quite international group. I actually never thought we could be so international in this city. There’s me, 3 guys from Mozambique, one Indian guy who was born and raised in Morocco, a guy from Nepal, a German, a mother, daughter, son family from Spain, and now today we had a Brazilian. This is not to mention that everyone in class is from all over India as well. It’s a great smorgasbord of individuals.
I have another insight into Indian life but I think it deserves its own post.

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