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Something I’ve neglected to write about is the bomb blasts in Mumbai. I wasn’t there on Wednesday, but I have many friends who live there and a couple who live in one area where one of the bombs exploded. I was watching a dance show by some of my friends, their annual concert, when I got a text from a friend in Pune saying I should call my friends from Mumbai as there were three blasts. My heart immediately began to race. I couldn’t get in touch with anyone. The phone lines were mostly down and the phones that were ringing didn’t have anyone answering them. Eventually I came to find out that everyone was ok. Until that moment I was almost in tears trying to calm my nerves and convince myself that everything was going to be ok. I don’t remember even getting this physically upset during 9/11. There must be something about being further away from home, having been through an attack before, or maybe just some things with me have changed, but I definitely freaked out. I made my friends who were out call me when they got home. Just humor me, I told them.
I’m on a roll with these blog posts. I think rainy season is at it’s peak right now. It hasn’t stopped raining since last night. I’m nervous because I’m driving my friend to see Harry Potter tonight. The movie is also quite big here, although I don’t think it has the same sort of attention that it does in the US. I’m exited to see the movie though, to go to the movies. I feel like movies are much more of an occasion here; there’s an intermission, assigned seats, people to greet you at the doors. A group of seven of us is going, mostly from capoeira.
Speaking of capoeira, let me talk about capoeira. I have a group. I have a great group actually. On the roster there are 31 people; on average about 15 folks show up. It’s great. It’s created a familial feeling here. We have a facebook group where we post messages. There are some who are interested in fitness, some who are interested in capoeira as a dance, others as a martial art, everyone brings a different view to the table. I feel silly sometimes teaching; who am I to teach capoeira? But I feel like it’s spreading the word, sharing something I love, and something I know a bunch about. I feel good about it. We’re planning a class trip to Mumbai to visit the group there. I hope to establish a good intergroup bonding as well. We go out for Naturals (really good ice cream) after most classes, if not, we go for good Punjabi food. We rarely just leave class. It’s a really great community of people.

Other little things include the wildlife of India. When it rains, sometimes, snakes appear in weird places, like toilets. I thought this was a one-time deal when one of our teachers called in to say she was watching her toilet. My coworker was wondering if she was looking for inspiration in interesting places, but she laughed explaining that there was a little snake living in her bowl. Apparently sometimes they appear when it rains. I was privileged to see a snake in my friend’s toilet bowl in Mumbai last weekend. It almost looked like a thick piece of string. I yelled into the other room to tell her and she said nonchalantly that yes, sometimes it appears when it rains, and that I should flush and it will go away.
Other wildlife include the cows, ox, buffalo, goats, sheep, and of course the dogs. It’s always fun to drive around a cow or buffalo. I just think it’s so cool that they just wander around the neighborhood and everyone slows down to go around them, some stop to touch them, as a cow is a representative of god. The dogs are tricky. Sometimes they take naps in the middle of the road or cross in front of you while you’re driving. They’re mostly scared, but can be quite scary if they start to bark at you. Usually if you stamp at them they run away. There’s a special dog on my block who walks around with me. I pet him. I think most people in the society take care of him quite well. Dogs also tend to sleep in concrete or gravel that hasn’t been mixed yet, like this.

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