Rest maybe?

I woke up this morning to the girl who cleans my room, tapping on my door. I tried a small conversation with her. She’s shy around me. That’s fine. When she was done she said that Auntie (my landlady) wants to speak with me. I was nervous. She invited me in, told me to sit, made me drink chai, and gave me the newspaper. Somewhere within the chai making she told me about Swati. Swati said ok, that she couldn’t live here, and found another place. Auntie put in a little guilt by saying she has no parents and is a teacher (she’s a much older woman). Is it bad that all I still want is my own space. It’s not too hard to find a flat. I’m happy now that Auntie and I have reconciled.
I had many plans for my Sunday. I wanted to do some art, go to the gym, do some grocery shopping, rest and relax; I’ve only accomplished the last. I slept till 10, had tea with my landlady, said I was going to get ready for the gym, and then I found my bed again until 12. I’ve been out a lot lately. During the week I teach capoeira 3 times. I haven’t found any time to do any of it myself so I think I might royally suck now except for the ability to do super basic movements really well. So I wanted to go to the gym to do some of my own training. The other thing I wanted to do was sit in my Sunday café and write and read. I’ve actually been taking time for myself to read a book. I went back and read “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, which I was reading to see if we could give it to some of our kids at work. Well I at least granted that I would finish this post, and then I’ve now committed myself to going to some rain dance brunch. I can’t tell you what that means, but I think I’ve committed myself to going.
Last night was late because we had a Russell Peter’s night at my friend’s house while cooking “foreign” food. The Italian and I cooked, the Indians helped. It was fun. I was nervous about Russell Peters for a while. Russell Peter’s is an Indian-Canadian comedian who often pokes jokes at Indians, especially his own father. Of course he pokes jokes at other races too, but me, a North American, living in India, wondered (as apparently he did) if his jokes would be funny here. My friends love him. They’ll take offense (not serious) to some of his jokes, as my friend pointed out that I get a bit offended at certain, what I call, not nice jokes. Anyway, the food, the laughs, and the company were great. My friend in Mumbai said she’s super happy and sad that I’ve found a great group of friends here. I haven’t been to Mumbai in over a month.
Next weekend, my birthday weekend, I’m there the entire weekend. Friday – Sunday. I’m very excited. I’ll be back here on Sunday night to celebrate with my friends here – I think. Monday I’ll have dinner with friends. I’m super nervous about that part. When it’s your birthday, you pay. In the US it’s a treat from everyone else to you. Here, not so much. It also means I bring in sweets for all my friends; A set for the office, a set for my capoeira group, a set for my friends. I think that’s it. I’ll also have to bring a cake for the capoeira class in Mumbai next weekend. We’ll see how all that goes too.
I’m off to at least get some groceries before I go to the rain dance brunch.

Happy 4th of July! I heard the lovely news of the shut down in Minnessota, the new, and odd (Mccotter) Republican presidential candidate, the debt ceiling crisis, Mitt Romney, the rain in New York, and the only amazing news, New York passing gay marriage. That’s not something I can talk about with everyone here.

  1. you are so lazy girl !

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