oh the ridiculousness of it

I feel like I always have an interesting story to tell, it makes writing, and life, a little more interesting. I woke up this morning, with a little extra time on my hands, made coffee, had cereal, watched some of the news I downloaded the day before, relaxed through my morning routine. I was just finishing brushing my teeth when I heard a tap tap on the door. I thought it was early for anyone to tap but opened the door to find my landlady. I let her in, figuring that she was getting something from my room (they keep stuff in here). She stood looking around my room and opened up her mouth to say Swati’s coming. The rest of the conversation was a mix between Hindi, English and Marathi (which makes it amusing in hindsight, but not that funny yet because it’s not really over yet). So, she said that someone named Swati is moving in (into my teeny tiny room). She said she’s only come into the second part (it’s divided into two), “my room” when she had to use the bathroom. I would have to pass through her room anytime I came into my room and if I came home late, which I often do, I would have to have her open the door (because that’s the way doors are made here, which is fine, if you live alone). I said no, in Hindi, in English, in Marathi. She joked with me and said be good Ana. I said no. Apparently she can’t use the place I used to stay in because she had knee surgery and can’t use an Indian toilet (there are pretend seats you can get to fix that). She’s a teacher and really nice, and doesn’t have anyone (parents) in Pune. This of course should mean that we’ll be best friends and that I would love to have her share my room. I said no again. I said I don’t want a roommate, a second person here. She said yes again and be good. I left is as a no. I think she’s mad at me but I don’t care. I was nervous all day that I would come back to find someone moved into my room. I was relieved that no one was here…yet. I’m not sure if she’s going to override my decision. My friends all think she’s being totally ridiculous and unfair. I’m just beyond shocked. Just keep your fingers crossed that everything will be ok. I also can’t move out because I’ll be processing my visa papers soon and I’m registered at this address.

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