tap water

I forgot to mention a very strange encounter on Saturday. While waiting for my new Italian friend who was a little lost getting to the place where we were dancing, I experienced one of my first very unpleasant encounters. I was wearing a long skirt and a long sleeved shirt. I saw a young guy go by on his motorcycle in one direction, and then go back in the other direction. It’s pretty easy to get lost or figure that you’re in the wrong area, especially if you’re looking for a place in particular. My friends just called me to say that the food had arrived and I should come back soon. The motorcyclist stopped in front of me. I got off the phone and looked at him to see if he needed directions. He opened his mouth and said, “you’ll come with me.” More like it was a statement as opposed to a question. After I picked up my jaw out of shock I said a very strong, “NO!” and he repeated his question and I said no again. He then had the audacity to ask, “You give me your number;” again, more like a statement than a question. Again I said no, almost laughing at the ridiculousness of it. If I was wearing something maybe slightly revealing I might not as be as shocked or upset as I was/am. I totally felt dirty. Ew!
Another random note is that I drank tap water. I thought it would be silly to pay for a bottle of water. Usually in restaurants and bars they either have filtered water or give you water in a glass out of a bottle of water. Well, this didn’t happen. When I asked for just regular water, I got regular water, from the tap. I figured, why not, and drank up. I did this at least two other times throughout the evening. I’m still alive. I’m not even sick a little (knock on wood). I’m not sure what antibodies I have in my body, or what I ate as a kid, but I’m sure happy that I have a strong system. It’s not just that the only other American I know here gets sick a lot, but people get sick more often here. I feel super powerful when I realize how lucky I’ve been not to get sick. *knock on wood again.
Sunday was a great day. Again a group of us went to brunch. We went to my friend’s place after to eat and change for salsa. We also watched some of Russell Peters, an Indian Canadian comedian. I wondered if he would be possible here; many of his jokes are about Indians and many of his punchlines include an Indian accent. Apparently Indians love him. He’s really funny. It’s great his humor is cross-cultural. After another two salsa outings, it was time to head home. A few folks live in the same direction so we all decided to stop for some burgi (a spicy kind of omelet eaten with bread), then we all headed in our respective directions. One of the three bikes ran out of gas. One of our friends pushed it along at the speed of 40km/hr, up hills, around the city, to the only gas station (petrol pump) that is open past 10:00pm. I was beyond impressed.
My plan is to get to sleep before midnight, which gives me only another 20 minutes. Tomorrow I not only have a capoeira class, but beforehand, and after work, I have to find a saree. The main shopping area for sarees isn’t open on Mondays. Goodnight!

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