Italian in India

I guess I really miss my dad. I’m in my favorite café and started looking for ecards to send him. All of a sudden my eyes started to get all watery. Each time I read a potential card, I got all teary. So, happy Paaaappa’s Day Papa!

In Pune news, it was International Salsa Day yesterday. So, after work yesterday I filled my day with Salsa. One salsa group was hosting a fundraiser in a new mall. We danced around in the open space in the mall. It was new and different, exposed many Indians, who might not have ever seen salsa, to salsa. It was a lot of fun. I also had a strange encounter. There was another foreigner who was watching for some time. I could tell he was European of some sort. So all of a sudden, I find him next to me on the dance floor and he opens his mouth to me and says, “Sei Italiana?” (are you Italian?). Well I’m not, but I speak Italian. So I responded as such and we started talking. He’s an engineer from Milan who just moved here a month ago. He also likes salsa. I was so excited to have the opportunity to speak Italian (it’s been a few years), but even more excited that I spoke so fluently so fast. Usually it takes me much longer to kick back into a language. It was also nice to be around an Italian; each country has certain uniqueness to their people and I find Italians especially fun in terms of language, personalities, and humor. We became friends and he joined in for the rest of the day and night’s festivities.
After the mall, I went to salsa night with the other dance group, which was equally as fun. It has been a salsa filled weekend. Tonight I will also go to the salsa parties. These parties, besides the salsa, are also my venue for new friends. I found that all salseros are really nice people too. It makes staying in Pune over the weekend a lot of fun. I am sad about missing capoeira in Bombay and my friends there, but I will go again; just not next weekend. I have to go in a little bit to buy a saree for my friend’s wedding next weekend, which I’m super excited for.

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    It’s really funny !!!

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