Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to venture into one of the army areas. A friend of mine invited some folks over to hang at his place. Due to the fact he’s in the army, we got to go to the containment area. It’s huge! It also looks like a completely different city: the streets are well lit, the road is paved and marked (there are even the flashy lights that go in between the traffic lanes), the trees are trimmed and look beautiful, it smells fresh and clean; I could go on. There are two lakes. We hung out on a doc of one of them. Had I know that it was a full lunar eclipse I would have insisted we continue to sit and listen to the fish jumping, frogs croaking (really, really loudly), cicadas buzzing, and boats puttering against the doc. It was so peaceful. The rest of the city seemed to disappear. It was a really nice relaxing feeling; something not replicated by the traffic today.
Traffic is bad, but worse in the rain. I witnessed my first bike slip. No one was hurt; they were trying to make a turn (probably too sharply). They fell off, rolled a bit, picked themselves and the bike up, looked a little upset about getting wet and dirty, and rode off. Riding in my rain suit is fun though; it hasn’t lost its charm yet. What’s difficult is riding while rain is splashing in your eyes. I haven’t figured out how to avoid that yet.
I found this through one of my friends and I think it explains things better than I have about “Indianisms.” There are certain lingual things that get in the way of understanding or just words that have been inserted into sentences. If someone were to say they’re from Pune, they might add the word, only, at the end of it. I’m from Pune only. Or if they’re not going out, “I’m staying here only.” I’m not sure why this happens. I even asked a friend (Indian) and she couldn’t tell me either. Instead of saying, “I have a question,” most folks say, “I have a doubt.” If you’re taking a class it means you’re giving the class, actually teaching it. Other things I get confused about or have to think twice about because of accents, or British English terms. Anyway, take a look, it’s quite good and amusing.

I meant to send this a while ago, but my internet went out. I think they’re going to cancel my class at the gym. I’m not positive, but the boss wants to speak to me. She didn’t get a chance to because after the batch she was in another meeting. I can’t imagine I’m doing a great job recruiting people. If I could bring in outside people just for the class, it would have more folks. People at the gym are just not interested in learning something new and cultural. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m a woman, a foreigner, or because I’m a woman foreigner doing a strange martial art; most folks at the gym like boring aerobics classes or just lifting weights. If you ask them to join the class, they’ll say, “it’s my lifting day,” or “it’s my cardio day.” It’s just a cultural difference as well. In the US if someone sees something different, they might abandon their routine to try it out. Here, not so much. People do things by the books. If “that’s” the way it’s done, then that’s the way it’s done and there’s little or nothing you can do to change it. I think the sucky part is not even the class being cancelled. It was a rough class anyway with just one or two consistent people. It’s hard teaching the same thing every week with no progression. I’d miss the trainers there who have now become friends (even though we don’t hang out outside the gym, it’s nice to see them there), and access to the gym would be cut off (which would really suck especially during the rainy season). I’m a little preemptively bummed.
On a brighter side, I’m going to have dinner with my landlady and her family. I haven’t been in a while and could use a nice yummy meal to cheer me up. I let her keep me a little late for work because she’s been a little upset with me because I haven’t eaten with them in a while. I’m happy to make her happy tonight by eating her food and watching some TV.

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