A Break From Rain


My after work adventures made me really appreciate public transportation; not just any public transportation, but New York City public transportation. I had to pick up my capoeira instruments from one dance studio and bring them to another dance studio on the other side of the city. I got stuck in traffic on the way to the first studio, in worse traffic on the way to the second dance studio, and almost got stuck in the rain. I miss the subway. It would have taken me the same amount of time, but now I understand why people stop liking driving. I still like my bike, and the liberties it provides me – like being able to stop at Dorabjees on my way home to get fun food – but it’s not so much fun sitting in traffic. Dorabjees was a fun pit stop on my way home. I spent entirely too much money on much needed “western” food such as Honey Bunches of Oats, Swiss cheese (two kinds), balsamic vinegar, special non-Indian yogurt, an avocado, and olives. It’s a real treat to go there on special occasions.
At Dorabjees I was surprised by a phone call from my mom. She usually calls in the morning time as I’m waking up because it’s convenient for her to call right before she goes to sleep. I got to shop with her on the phone. It was really nice. I also came home to an email from my dad (updating me on some politics – anyone is welcome to do this!) and a skype conversation with my sister. It was a great family day today! Another great family bonus was the package that arrived at work today. After hearing that there aren’t fitted sheets here (usually you just use two flat sheets, one for the bottom and one for the top) my mom decided to send me some sheets I had from when I was a kid. I now have a little home in my home.

Today marks a second day of sun. I guess it was just pre monsoon rains. I was very excited to use my new raincoat and pants, but I guess that will have to wait. The sun also means that I can continue with my capoeira in the park. Finally, there is a good response. There are now 3 people who knew what capoeira was and have done it prior to my arrival, and some have told their friends, others just wanted to learn. It’s been great. We were in the park for a little over an hour yesterday, we’ll go again today. This is also having an affect on my Hindi classes. This week makes 3 weeks of no classes. 2 weeks ago we had our residential, last week the only day I could make it the teacher cancelled because of the rain. Monday he cancelled class because he was sick, and today I’m missing class because of capoeira. I would love to say that I’m studying on my own, but I’m not. By the time I get home the only thing I want to do is, eat, talk with whoever I can on line, maybe go to the gym or go on a walk with my friends, and sleep. I’m even doing a bad job of reading my book, which is making me mad at myself.
Last night I braved going to another friend’s house for what I thought was dinner, but ended up being a sandwich. It’s interesting to see the differences in friends that I have. I’ve always had an array of types of friends, varying in cultures, economic class, religions, and ethnicity; it’s just interesting to mentally note the differences between such people here. India, although all my friends are Indian, is so diverse. They wanted me to plan something for this weekend. I had to disappoint them by saying that I didn’t think I would be here. They thought of driving to Goa (an 8 hour drive) or doing something else and thought I would have good ideas. I also disappointed them by saying I had no idea. They didn’t really believe me on either account. They said after my Friday class we could hop in a car and go. I told them I had other obligations but they didn’t really hear that either. It wasn’t rude, it was rather amusing actually; the refusal to hear what you don’t want to hear. I’ve found this in a couple of instances with my friends, especially with male friends. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a woman, a foreigner, or if people just usually say ok when things are presented in such a manner.

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