pre monsoon rains

I’m waiting on line to catch the bus back to Pune. I’ll be waiting for at least another hour. First the delay was because of the rain and the amount of people waiting. Now we just heard there was an accident on the expressway. Both coming and going has been delayed. I missed the 5:00 train so I’m kinda stuck. A guy in line went to see about a cab but it’s Rs400 each; too expensive. I figured I’m bookless and friendless, I should make use of my iPhone and start drafting a blog.

My friend from capoeira from New York was here this weekend. I was in need of another familiar face, someone to do some healthy gossiping with. Baba picked her up from the airport at 3am; a really nice thing to do I thought. I met her only in class on saturday night. On Friday night I braved the rain to go to my friend’s dance studio; this is the same dance studio where I’ll do a demo capoeira class next Friday. Then I went out with my friends from the other dance studio who I haven’t seen in quite some time. The group decided to surprise Rutuja by showing up at 12:30 at her house with a big cake. We wanted to go to “the auntie” to get chai, but because of the rain she wasnt there. This auntie is famous throughout Pune. Late nights she’s the only one who has chai. My friends from Aundh go to her, and on Friday my friends from Kothrud went to her-these areas are completely on opposite sides of Pune; just to show you how far people travel. Her chai is really good. One would think that making tea is a simple task, but here, it’s kind of an artform. You have to put the right amount of tea, Ginger, cardamom, and whatever other spice in. We were talking about this this morning. I also wouldn’t mind a cup of good chai right now.

I just got on the bus after waiting over an hour. There were debates between friends on whether this was premonsoon rains or just that the monsoon arrived. On my way to the bus I bought my rain suit. There are a bunch of shops that sell them and although I know these shops exist in Pune, I haven’t seen them yet. I figured I should just get it from here while I’m
here. I got a matching grey checkered suit-pants and jacket. I didn’t have the cash on me so what the guy did was travel with me to 4 different banks so that I could take out cash and make my purchase. We had a nice conversation in the store and on our quest for an open bank about my Hindi and their lack of english. It wad nice. Even though I don’t think my vocabulary has improved at all, I think my confidence in saying what I do know has improved. It made me happy. This week I hope to resume with my Hindi classes. I missed 2 weeks because of my work schedule and then because I was just too tired to go. Speaking of which, I’m going to take out those books and work on memorizing my alphabets and letters. Hopefully I’ll reach home before 10.

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