rainy blues

So I’ve come to the breaking point, the point where everything isn’t all hunky dorey. It’s ok, it’s a part of life for ups and downs, and it’s my responsibility to deal with it, as I am doing. I broke for the first time in 7 months. I’m a crier; it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a part of who I am. Crying releases hormones, like working out, it’s good for you. Amongst some other things like the homesickness from last week, the approaching monsoon season that makes the sunny sky a little darker (as in super duper dark because of the never ending rain clouds), an extremely busy work schedule, and lack of sleep, I think I was about due for a good cry.
I’m lucky to have a good friend in my neighborhood who took me out for Subway, yelled at me for crying (in a nice friendly way) and got me some Swirls mango ice cream to make me feel better. He also told me I’m not allowed to cry on the phone with my mom. She was very happy that I did not.
Not everything is meant to be easy, not everything is meant to be happy all the time. Life would get pretty boring if it was. Not everyone is nice all the time, and not everyone has people skills. I’m not sure when was the last time that I was treated so rudely or was upset by people like I was, like I am. But, this is me trying to take the high road, learn from my mistakes, learn from people’s reactions to my actions, and move on. As of now, I’ll take it as a bad week, and now that I’ve had my cry, I can move on.

Back to other news, it’s Saturday. I’m working from my favorite café. A woman walks up to me, says excuse me, and asks if I speak Spanish in Spanish. Confused, I said yes, and she asked if I was in the paper. She was super nice. She wants to do coffee some time so that we can speak in Spanish. Why not? I don’t get much practice anyway and I’m actually super nervous about forgetting it.

Monsoon has started. I’ve been drenched two too many times. From what I’ve experienced and heard so far, it’s usually nice and sunny – or at least not raining – in the morning, and then it’s pretty much a free fall for the rest of the day and evening. I’m sure there’s much for fun to see, but yesterday, while completely soaked on my bike heading towards my friends’ dance studio I had to take a detour. Why you might ask? Because the car a few feet in front of me was heading into a puddle so big it covered almost half of it’s door. If I were standing, it would probably have easily reached my waist. This is just the beginning. There is rain gear I definitely need to invest in: a huge poncho, rain pants, rain boots, and rain cap that goes underneath my helmet. I’m just so in awe at the amount of rain. It reminds me a bit of Guatemala, but because I’m in a city, the feeling is a bit different.

I’m off to Mumbai. My friend from the US is coming here for a wedding and took a few days extra to do some traveling. She’s in Mumbai waiting, so I must be on my way. It will definitely be nice for an old friend talk again. I think I’m about due.

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