sugarcane juice

Sugar cane juice is amazing! I learned via Wikipedia that it doesn’t really have any nutritional value, but, it just tastes so good I don’t care. There are people who stand with little wooden carts on the sides of roads who take the cane and put it through a wooden churn thing by walking around the cart. They add a piece of lime also. I’ll upload a picture soon. Then the juice is filtered through to a pot with a huge block of ice and then once all the juice is out of the cane (literally the cane turns dusty almost – they really get all the juice out) it is filtered again into a glass. I’ve given up on thinking things are sanitary and that I’ll be safe from germs. Glasses are only rinsed in soapy water. On the hottest of days, this is my favorite drink. It’s just amazing.
This week I’ll be going on a retreat with Akanksha. It’s a once a year induction into the organization for “new” employees. Some will be brand new, others will be like me, around for a while. I’m kind of excited. We’ll be living on a grounds for the week. Also this is to warn anyone that might try to contact me via email, that I might not be able to respond for a week.
For once, I spent my weekend in Pune. It was definitely weird waking up on a Sunday here and figuring out what to do with my day now that I had the entire day and wasn’t traveling back from Mumbai. I spent my Saturday evening with some friends. It was actually nice to be here for the Saturday night.
Tonight I will again go dance salsa. It will be fun. I’ll rewrite again in another week.

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