News deprived?

I think I can think of one good reason I’m out of the US right now; I don’t have to read or hear about Donald Trump possibly running for president. I just read a blog right now about how ridiculous he is, and about how much talk there is in the news about him, and I’m happy to keep my eyes and ears far, far away from this discussion. The other “news” I’m happy to avoid is the “royal wedding.” And the last is where our President was born. As I just saw in a recent news brief, the country should be focusing on more important issues. This is yet another reason why I’m happy not to listen to Donald Trump in the news, as I’ve realized he’s very focused on this issue.
There are other things that are not so good about being so far away from home though. I miss discussing international politics with my friends and family. Last week I had a great conversation with my parents about what’s in the news. I felt updated and stimulated. It’s not that I don’t have access to the news here, I read it on line – however I can only read 20 articles a month now for free from the NYTimes – I get newsmap, which is pretty awesome, and I just rediscovered my twitter account, which gets good updates from several news sources as well. I subscribe to several podcasts: Global News, Anderson Cooper, Meet the Press, and NBC nightly news. I should feel like I get my fair share of news. I don’t have a TV, and even if I did, most news channels are in Hindi or Marathi. I don’t get to converse about it as much. I’m not sure if this is because I don’t have a solid group of politically active friends here or if it’s something to do with the way in which Americans (New Yorkers) are so involved with the rest of the world. I do miss that a lot though. I feel like I’m a week behind.
In my news, our school year has officially ended. We had our Annual Day for the Pune centers and schools tonight. It’s kind of weird to think that it’s April and the school year is ending, although the heat feels like a wickedly hot June school year end. We’ll start again right before US schools go on vacation, in the middle of June. Now all that’s left is planning for 3 big events and a new school year.

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