Good Friday/Passover

I tried to sleep in the lovely Good Friday morning, that I have off for some miraculous reason, but was interrupted by several things. First, I got a phone call from my mom. We haven’t spoken in a few days, there were problems with the phones. And unlike when I lived at home, getting woken up by my mom when I’m trying to sleep in here is something I’d gladly do. After going back to sleep, I got another phone call from my friend who saw my facebook status and got a little confused. I wrote, 3 din weekend, ghar me ja rahi hu – meaning, it’s a 3 day weekend, I’m going home. He thought it meant I was going home, home, as in the US. After we settled that, I went back to sleep again. I woke up to a little bit of confusion. One piece was two text messages I got as advertisements. Here, there are many mass texts about getting power chords, purchasing ring tones, and other fun and exciting things in Hindi that I don’t understand…yet. These two were religious. The first, “Assalamualaikum. Start your day with the light of guidance from the Noble Koran. Sms to join Koran to start getting daily verses from Koran.” The second, “Begin ur day on a positive note with the Holy saying of the bible on SMS absolutely FREEE! To join SMS Jion Christ to 000 today!” If they weren’t at the same time it would have been a little less interesting. If one didn’t use text slang it also wouldn’t have been as funny.
The last thing that finally did me in was a tap at my door. In the morning, if I leave late enough, I see the maid. Maids are very common in India. Often times there are several. As far as I know there can be separate maids for cooking, cleaning and washing. This maid is really young. I can’t think that she’s out of high school yet. I’m sure it’s an extra part time job, but I still feel a little uncomfortable with her mopping my floor. I’ve always been uncomfortable with maids, I never had one growing up. I’m not sure why but it still feels a little old fashioned and snobby. I’m not saying it is, but that’s just the way I feel. I do also understand that it’s employment, and that’s something great. The girl is a little nervous around me I think. I haven’t tried my Hindi on her yet, but I wave and smile. This morning when I finally gave in and opened the door she saw me in my PJs and I smiled, did a little wave and started to pick up my mattress from the floor. We switched places and when she was going to leave, she gave me a big smile and a small wave.
I like feeling like a resource person. My friend/new Hindi teacher just called with a question. His brother found a boy. This boy is about 4 or 5 years old and has no mother, and his father is a drunk. He wanted to know if I knew of any agencies in Mumbai that could adopt him. I’m not from her, but I can be useful. I did know of a couple places, gave him the numbers, and now am invested in seeing what happens to him. Backtracking a bit, yes I’ve started informal Hindi lessons from a friend’s friend. It seems to be working and I’m trying to work in the little phrases I know into my everyday speaking. I’m almost getting there. I’ll have at least 1 lesson a week, or at least that’s my plan.
I have to go, I’m off to Mumbai on a Friday afternoon and that makes me happy! To some, Happy Easter, to others Happy Passover.

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