A Friday at Home :)

I was trying to figure out what’s been special this week. It’s been very busy at work. We’ve done appraisals of our teachers, we’re planning for two big events in May, and the centers are still running. This week started Year End Projects, or, Graduation Days. The kids compiled their work for the year into interactive activities they can do with visitors. Today I went to a few YEPs. It was really nice to listen to the kids speak about several things; this is where I feel you can see how much they’ve grown or learned. They speak more freely, they interact, they talk about things they know about; they open up.
I guess the biggest thing this week was my decision to buy a ticket to visit my capoeira teacher in Abu Dhabi. He caught me on facebook chat one evening to tell me that he’s having an event from the 4th to 8th of May and that I should come. Considering that I’m so close to the UAE, and I’m not sure how many times in my life I’ll be able to say that (outside of these two years that I’ll be here) I figured why not ask if I can take 3 days off and go. I asked, I was told it was ok, and I bought the ticket. Additionally, I’m not sure for how long I’ll be able to fly to the UAE for less than $400. I’m really excited.
Recently, one of the students from the dance studio asked me why I’m in India. I described how I love working internationally, it’s been my dream for a long time to live and work internationally. He asked me why India. I said that India found me; it was by chance. Mostly, my background in International work is in Latin America. I never really saw myself in India, ever, until Akanksha came along. I just think it’s so cool, the opportunities I’ve had in only 5 months, the people I’ve met, the new things I’ve learned, and now the new places I’ll be able to travel and learn about, now that I’m here.
I’ll be in Pune this weekend. One of my centers is having it’s graduation day on Sunday. It’ll be nice to spend the weekend home. I’m already making good use of my Friday night by, for the first time, curling up in my room, reading a book, having a skype date with Julia and her beautiful baby girl, and then going to sleep early. I’m really excited.

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