transportation issues – not with my bike

This weekend was a weekend of a few firsts. My first first involved the van I took to Mumbai on Saturday morning. I missed the two morning trains because of a bad night sleep. It was the second time I woke up itching my legs. I used my handy dandy mosquito zapper before going to sleep so I knew mosquitoes weren’t attacking me. I hopped into the shower at 4am and fell asleep soaking wet. My room is on average, during the night, 85 degrees. Right now it’s 88. Apparently people get heat boils on their body. It could also be spider bites. I have a lot of these in my current flat. Anyway, I missed my train and decided that an air-conditioned car would be better anyway, so I got into the van and tried to sleep for just a bit. It was a decent ride. We made two-drop offs in a Mumbai suburb and were crossing a bridge to the main part of Mumbai, in heavy traffic, when the normal tailgating turned into bumper cars. The car in front of us stopped, we screeched to a halt, and the car behind us, a little blue car (also screeching) hit us, and the car behind them hit them. I felt bad for the little blue car who got it the worst. His whole backside was totaled. This was the first accident I have ever been in. It was scary for only a minute. We just got a little bump. The driver got out of the car, took a look, spoke with the little blue car driver for a moment, and then he got back in and drove off. I could only imagine this happening in the US and waiting around for hours until the police came and filling out statements, paying insurance fees, etc. here, we just walked away. About fifteen minutes later I saw an overturned flatbed truck with what looked like the beginning of a foundation to a house.

My second first involves the breaking down of the bus I was in coming home. I’m so tired right now though, my eyes are closing.

    • Naveen
    • March 29th, 2011

    Hey Ana, I may drive down to Kandivali Mumbai on Saturday morning and come back on Sunday night. The plan and timings are still not finalized, but will keep you updated. You can join me if the itinerary for 2nd and 3rd April suits you fine, I can drop you somewhere on the way to Kandivali.

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