my bike is in use

There are so many things that I probably should or could write about right now, but I have to start with the exciting news that my bike is home. I’m taking bids on its name. So far I have Rampyari (one who is loved by lord Ram) and Supandi (an Indian cartoon superhero). I’m also considering Arnold, but I don’t think it fits him too well. I have some problems getting into first gear, but after that things seem to go pretty well. Santosh rode most of the way home with me, by my side on his bike. Everyone was very supportive. We did a pooja (ceremony type blessing) at work today, which involved a dia (type of candle), flowers, the powder you put on your forehead when you leave your house, a coconut, and sugar. Shweta, Yogita, Kamlesh helped with the ceremony. First I had to cover my hair, then they put the traditional dots of red and orange powder between my eyes on my forehead, and I put a flower in my ear. Then I drew a swastik (yes like a swastika but in the Indian context it’s something that is a good luck thing and keeps away the evil eye) on the front of my bike. Then, with the flower, powder, and dia on a plate I had to circle around the front of my bike five times. Kamlesh broke the coconut and put a piece on my bike. We had to put a flower on my bike as well. It was done and my bike was blessed. I’m still a little shaky (it’s now 11:30pm) from the ride home. I used this adrenaline to go to the gym after looking for a new apartment.
My apartment stays about 85 degrees, all the time; even with the door open and the fan on. I’m not looking forward to the summer. I saw one place that consisted of one room, bigish where I could put a curtain up to separate my kitchen and bedroom. I have to decide by tomorrow. My friend Vibhor is going to look at it tomorrow with me.
I’m trying to avoid a homesick feeling. I’ve been looking through the pictures and thinking how fast last week flew by. I want them to come back! I want to go home! I also realized that this month makes the longest I’ve ever been away from home. It’s natural to feel a bit homesick after such an amazing week. I’m actually much better today than yesterday. It’s very late now, and there’s much to be done tomorrow at work, not to mention getting there on my bike! Goodnight!

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