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I’m not a planner. I’m trying to figure out my trip with Erin and Noemi in March, and I’m just really bad at this. I joked with Erin on gchat today that I’m not used to being the planner; this is usually her job. There are so many options. The train tickets are sold out to go to Agra on the day they get here, and I finally realized while at a travel agent today that we’re spending a day in Delhi too, which means we can go to Delhi first. But then, how many days do we want to spend in Delhi, can we get a train back from Agra to Pune? That would leave at 5pm and would get us back at 4pm in Pune, which makes us loose a day. There’s a flight, but then you have to deal with airport stuff, but then it’s only from 8pm to 11pm. There are too many options and I definitely feel a bit overwhelmed deciding the schedule. I think the flight is the best but it makes our schedule super busy. They’d land the 6th at 3am, we’re leaving at 4:50pm on the train that Sunday still and get to Delhi at 1:45 the Monday, the 7th. We’ll have the rest of the day in Delhi, we can do the next day in Agra, and then spend the next day back in Delhi, take an 8pm plane back to Pune, and then we’ll get back to Pune at 11pm, I’d go to work the next day, they can sleep in a bit or come along with me and I’ll send them around and about, or I’ll have to take that Thursday off because we spend another day in Delhi (which may be more sane) and then we take that same flight back on Thursday evening, I go to work on Friday and they wander around Pune. We’d leave Pune Friday evening or Saturday morning, go back to Mumbai, spend the weekend there, and I’d send them off on their way and come back alone to Pune so I can work on Monday morning, and send a friend to take them to the airport on Monday evening. See what I mean about too many options and planning someone else’s trip? See how it’s driving me a little nuts?

Moving on from that…
Yesterday was off because of Republic Day. I did nothing Indian, even though I wanted to take part in a flag hosting. I’ll be here for another Republic Day. It was a beautiful thing to sleep in, do some laundry, and do a little sight seeing with some friends. I went to the IT park area. There are only huge buildings, pretty far from most residential areas. We went to an area where you can see a huge section of Pune. I went to my first temple, Shivsagri (I know this is wrong, so someone please pipe in and give me the correct name of the temple on SB Road). There’s a park I never knew about not far from my job. I plan to go there every once in a while now. It was a nice day overall.

I also just spoke to Deena and was able to tell her, “See you Saturday!” It felt good to say that. I was also just sequestered by my landlady to eat. I said I already ate but she said come anyway to eat a little. I joked with her that her version of a little is quite a bit. I was proven right. Now I’m full beyond belief.

It’s also starting to get hot here. I mean really hot; and apparently it’s going to get even hotter. We’re just starting to warm up. I found out it gets hottest in April and May. My 10 day forecast says it’ll be in the 90s all week. I’m not at all opposed to this. I’m a summer baby. I love the hot weather. I’m just wondering how hot it’ll get.

I’m also a little sad. The apartment deal went through. It’s official. I’m almost so far removed that I don’t really know how to feel about it.

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