third of three

I ended the last post on a pretty depressing note. So I’m going to start this one, and probably end it on a very nice note. Last things first, I went to see “No One Killed Jessica,” a Hindi movie tonight with my friend Pooja from work. It was only at the end when Pooja told me that she remembers following the story in the news and sending text messages that I realized it was a true story. In a club in 1999 a girl named Jessica was shot in a club because she refused to serve a guy, Manu, a drink. This wasn’t just any guy, but a politician’s son. Even after the Manu confessed, somehow the trial went on for four years; everyone in the club was bribed not to tell what they saw, or were too scared to come out and tell the truth (except 2 people). After all was said and done, in 2006 Manu was acquitted. The country was furious, as well as a TV journalist who took on the story and later that year Manu got life imprisonment. There was a huge candlelight vigil for Jessica when Manu was declared innocent. The word got out through social networking like texts and the internet. Apparently, so my friend Pooja says, this story changed the way the media worked; people use them to get the truth out more. Even in the past few years there have been similar stories where, had not the media been involved, innocent people would have suffered much more. It was a really inspiring movie. It was also a really long movie. I know I touched upon this subject during Harry Potter, but that was an American film. Who Killed Jessica started promptly at 6:30, the intermission was at 7:40ish, and it was over at 9. The length of the film impresses me as well.

Going back to this weekend, I can’t say anything less than it was great. I last left you all when I was at Baba’s house. When Aparna, his wife, got home with the kids, I made myself at home, we ate, I slept, and the next day was a lazy Saturday which ended in a lovely capoeira class, a trip to Yaht, and a short night sleep. Why was it short; because we met the Dharavi kids at 7:30 in the morning to take them to the beach. I have some pictures, but my friend Archana was camera ready this time, so I figured that I could steal some of hers. The kids had a blast. I’m unsure, but it might have been many of their first time to the beach. They played in the sand, we played football (I can’t call it soccer anymore or else my friends make fun of me) Frisbee, had a roda, ate food, flipped, and had fun. Please see my corresponding pictures which will be uploaded shortly. I can successfully remember two of the kids’ names because they’re two who seek out my attention, who know my name, and who I just seem to click with very well. I already mentioned Raju last time; one of the newer additions to kids who are just really great is Anandh (not to mention my name and his are very similar).

One of the girls from class, Ingrid, is from Kenya (as is Amina). Ingrid bought many folks from the group a bracelet custom made with their name on it. I was taken aback when she handed me one as well. It was so sweet. It’s pretty too!

Next of course is my train ride home. I managed to get on the earlier train. If the earlier train is always going to be as crazy as this ride was, I think I might just opt to get back late. I would have taken a picture of the folks that I met but for much of the train ride (the whole second half) I was smushed from behind and holding myself up in front as to not fall on the older woman and children below me, while clutching a young girl to me so that she wouldn’t fall onto the older women or children below her. It was pretty intense. Not everyone was so nice either. There was one woman who made me sit next to her on one of her bags. Little did I know but I was very lucky she was so nice to me. I would have been trampled if I stayed where I was on the floor. Anishri is a teacher in Lonvla. She saw my reading pack (for work) and asked to look at it. She gave me some advice that I should apply to teach at the Australian school in Lonvla but I tried to convince her that I was perfectly happy where I was. I also, of course, got to know the two kids who I was “protecting” from the other crazy ladies on the train. They were really sweet. There were also three generations of that family on the train as well. I unsuccessfully spoke in Hindi with a few of the women on the train (it was a lot harder, but I credit that to being up since 6:30 in the morning and around kids all day on a beach). I ended up walking a long way, I’m not sure why, to get a rickshaw, and ended up sharing it with two older women who were heading in the same direction.

Of course I’m not completely all caught up with everything I want to write, but this will conclude my sequence of three posts for one day. Happy Monday.

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