first of three

FYI – there will be three posts in a row due to my lack of internet. The third will come in a few hours, but here’s a start…


This is bad. I’m still awake. I had to get a book tonight for work. They didn’t have the book I wanted, but I ended up buying a book by Amartya Sen, one of my favorite economists, perhaps my favorite. Not only do his theories make sense, he turns economics into a humanistic subject (not sure if that made sense, but work with me, please), but in this book that I got of his, he discusses India. I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate for me to read. In case you’re wondering the book is “The Argumentative Indian.”

Some cool things I’ve learned just from the first few pages (while I should be sleeping).
First, there have been two moral arguments that developed from a story called the Mahahbharata (an ancient story like the Odyssey, except much longer). “Krishna’s emphasis on doing one’s duty, on one side, and Arjuna’s focus on avoiding bad consequences (and generating good ones), on the other. In the story, duty prevails; this often happens in life as Sen points out, giving the detonation of the atomic bomb during WWII. I just thought that was interesting.

The second interesting point was the fact that even though India, as most societies, is dominated by men – men predominantly are the ones who write the history books, rule the house, etc. – women had already entered the world of Indian political life before women’s suffrage began in the US. The first woman President of the Indian National Congress was elected in 1925, the second woman head of the Indian National Congress was elected in 1933. Pretty cool huh?

The hospital/dr. visit was really interesting. I was in and out in a matter of a half an hour. I waited my turn, saw a critical patient sitting in the same small room as me get escorted out on a gurney, was seen by a dr who asked a few questions, felt my belly, prescribed three medicines and then left. My visit was 50 Rupee, and my medicines were 75. I have one for acid, one for killing a parasite/bacteria, and another for ulcers. I’m exhausted. I wanted to write more, but it’s definitely time for sleep. Capoeira was great tonight, the class keeps growing and I get positive feedback from the trainers and managers. I also made it clear to the kids on my street that I would no longer teach them. They didn’t really fight that, so I’m happy about that too. Tomorrow I head to Mumbai after work. This weekend we’re taking the Dharavi kids to the beach on Sunday. I missed them a lot last week, so I’m happy I get to spend a little more time with them this week.

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