Weekend in Pune

Once again I had a fun filled weekend. This weekend, it was here in Pune. I stayed because of Sports Day with Akanksha. Based on age levels, kids participated in different fun activities on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. I was with group M, a good group of kids, some of whom I knew because they’re from my centers, others who I didn’t. These kids did 50 meter racing, leap frog (boys) and bricks (girls), bottle between the knees, and something else I can’t remember at the moment. The day left me tired, with a farmers tan, a pink nose, and a new relationship with the kids. It’s always fun to participate in different activities that you don’t normally get to do with kids. They get to know you in a different way and vice versa. The hope is, at least for me, that this somehow changes their behavior (if need be) in the centers.
Another plus to the sports day was, after the cleanup, I got to ride my friend’s bike. I rode it through the parking lot, only in first gear, but it was much easier than the last time. I think next time I should take it into second gear! The evening before I got a lesson on a non-geared bike from a friend of mine, so she let me ride it on my own from the parking lot to where we were all convened. I’ll jump to another biking triumph. After the sports day, after a long amazing shower (it was very, very, very dusty) my friend came over to help me do some errands. He has a bike too! And he let me ride it all over to do the errands. And then he let me ride it across the city! I’m a good driver! Next steps, a bike with gears. This might be a million times harder though, but that’s ok.
This is a nice segue to why I was going to the other side of the city on a Sunday evening. When I did my capoeira demo at the gym I met a girl who is a part of a salsa group. Almost every weekend, she’s invited me to a salsa night in Koregon Park, but because I’m getting back so late from Mumbai, I’ve never been able to make it. It was amazing. I didn’t realize (although I think I really did) how much I missed dancing. I’m not an amazing dancer by any means, but there’s something so great about a good salsa song and dance. I met some really great people and some really great dancers. It might be a really good reason to get back on the earlier train from Mumbai (besides getting enough sleep for work on Monday).
I walked by the kids in my society (lane/block) and they didn’t mention anything about classes for tonight (thank goodness!) I feel that writing this right now is a bad idea though just in case they come knocking. My stomach isn’t feeling great right now either though, so I have that as another excuse. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but just as long as I don’t get the same sickness that I had last week I think I’ll be ok.

A random culture noticing that I forgot to include last week was my bus accident. I was on the way to work in the morning, stopped at a bus stop (side note – busses rarely come to a full stop for more than a second or two; sometimes you have to jump on as it rolls away), when all of a sudden there was a loud bang and the bus bumped forward a bit. Apparently the bus behind us didn’t stop soon enough and bumped into us. Some folks got out of the bus to see what happened, the driver did the same, and then everyone got back in, in a matter of minute, and we were on our way. The first thought that crossed my mind after wondering what just happened, was what would have happened if that happened in New York. There would have been cops involved, everyone would have gotten out, there would have been a scene, maybe some traffic. It’s just an interesting thing to wonder what would happen in the other location.

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