News Tuesday

Tonight several memorable things occurred. First, it was Christmas for me again. I got a lovely package and separate card from my parents. I pranced around the office like a little girl with candy. It was silly, but I’m happy to say that my work environment allows silliness. Second, I was on my way home from work, after speaking to my mom and thanking her for the lovely presents, and for the first time the bus came right away. I was very smitten to be getting home before dark. Right before my stop the checkers (or so I call them) came on.
Here’s some background information on busses. You get on the bus on the back. A conductor comes around to collect your money and give you a ticket. Tickets cost different prices depending on the distance you travel. Your ticket is produced on a little handheld computer that looks like a big calculator which hangs from the conductor’s neck. If you don’t pay and the checkers come on, you face a fine of 100 Rupee. I’ve never encountered the checkers before, but I always pay so I never worry. It’s similar to the system in Italy except there you just stamp a ticket (one price) when you get on, and if you don’t stamp it and the checkers come on then you pay a very hefty price.
So I was about to get off when the checkers came on. I couldn’t find my ticket. Of course, because I’m me, I started to freak out. I know I paid, and now I’m going to have to pay 100 Rupee. My stop almost comes, a man tells me to calm down, I’m sure he sees the worry on my face as I say that I’ve paid. The checker is saying that I have to pay. Right before my stop I finally find my ticket. It was a stressful moment.
Third, I bought myself a present of salad components. Lettuce is hard to find here, and on top of that, it’s suuuuper expensive. They only have iceberg, that I’ve seen. So I bought a head, some expensive balsamic vinegar from a specialty store so that I could make salad. It was not the best salad I’ve had in my life. But it was the first salad I’ve had in 2 months, so it was amazing! It was a little dangerous to find the specialty store though, they have a lot of products you can’t easily find here – taco shells, refried beans, jelly, soy sauce, random packaged food that would make my life easy if I just wanted to cook a pasta, etc. I didn’t get anything else, but I was very, very tempted.
I think that’s it for fun and exciting things to happen in one day. I thought I was going to teach a capoeira class but none of the kids were ready. Then at 8:00 I got a knock on my door and three girls said, “so you come now.” I finished up preparing my sabji for tomorrow’s dinner, left it on the stove and went. They don’t have a long attention span, maybe about a half hour. From tomorrow I will start charging. Auntie (landlady) says that I have to put a value on it. One of the neighbors, who was over at her house when class was over, agreed.
I actually think there is one more thing, but for some reason I can’t remember, but I guess that’s how it always is.

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