2 in 1 day

A fun story: One of the people who was in my class last week wanted to grab a coffee. Of course I don’t refuse a coffee, and I don’t refuse a social situation. So we met for a coffee at Café Coffee Day (the Indian version of Starbucks it seems), spoke about his life, my life, what we do, etc. It was lovely. He is very interested in capoeira. I find everyone I meet very fascinating. He’s from Madhya Pradesh, a small town and traveled to Pune to do his MBA. He now manages a real estate firm type thing, is a model, and helps his family run several businesses back home. We spoke about how I’m 27, which is a ripe age. His sister was married at the age of 22. We spoke about the differences in cultures, how rich the culture is in India and how people come here to discover it, while people from here seem to be moving more towards Western culture. It was a very interesting conversation.
Learning that he is into real estate and that I’m looking for a different place to stay, he offered to help me find a nicer place to live before he moves to Mumbai in 15 days. I wanted to stop at the corner market to get some eggs because I promised Javhar from work that I would make a bread omelet and I don’t have enough eggs. The store was closed so we went for a ride around searching for eggs. The only place we found was a food stand that makes bhurgee (an egg dish) and we bought eggs from them. It felt like such an odd evening.
Work is strange when you don’t see any children. The rest of the education department is on vacation right now, the office is a bit quiet and slow. Today I spent the majority of my day working on a new assessment for our kids at the end of the semester and making the new teacher induction a little more concrete so that we have some sort of planned program for bringing new people on. I’ve been asked several times by friends and family what exactly it is that I do so I thought I’d add in a little bit more about my day to day. This morning my mom said that it seems like I’m just having one big party. This is based off of the pictures my sister showed her from Facebook. It’s not one big party, but the weekends in Mumbai tend to be where I take my pictures, where I have a lot of fun and where I’m the most social.
I promised myself I would get to sleep before midnight tonight. It didn’t happen.

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