I think my gas is leaking. So I go tell my landlady and she gets her son; not the one who lived in the US but the other one, the one who doesn’t really talk. She smelled it a bit and then he came in. he said that it was because an exterminator came. I said, no, when I walk in the door, it smells like gas. The only reason it’s not as strong now is because I’ve kept the fan on and opened the door. Even folks who came in this weekend after capoeira class said it smelled like gas. He was a complete not nice guy and walked out. When I told my landlady (Auntie, as most older people are called by younger people) that I wanted someone to come check it tomorrow she said that hers smells a bit too. I asked if tomorrow she could bring in a gas person and she said no not necessary. Then she tried to assure me that god is here to protect me. So basically, if I die in my sleep, god will help me along. I’m talking to three of my friends on facebook who have all been to my house at some point or another to make sure that if I keep the windows open and the fan on that I’ll be ok. I’ve been sleeping here this long, I know I’ve been fine, but I’m mad at her son for making it seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about. All three friends have made me promise that I’ll go see someone tomorrow after work. I have to ask someone at work to help me find a “gas guy”. The nice thing about this is that I know I have three friends who are kind enough to worry about me and even after only knowing me for a short amount of time are genuinely concerned.

Other adventures today include watching a pig cross the road and cause an accident (not serious, no one got very injured). I was waiting for the bus and a baby pig decides to cross the road. Of course this pig pays no mind to the oncoming traffic. People who drive do not leave much room for error so when a car stopped short in order not to hit the pig, the motorcycle rider (actually a scooty rider) behind the car smashed into the car and fell down. The driver was ok, but it was just a very odd scene.

I also had a really great morning with my kids. Mondays I take the one center and we did a great lesson on water conservation, which is their service project. I visited 2 other centers today, which made for a hectic morning, but definitely interesting. The bus ride took me up, about and around the city, a very indirect route, causing me to be almost an hour late for my center meeting. Of course I was forgiven, but I felt absolutely horrible. It reminded me of one time when I was in Brazil and I was told to take the 68 bus to meet my friends for their capoeira class. I didn’t know that this 68 bus (I think 68, maybe it was 66) would take me to all other neighborhoods before it actually got to my destination. I think I was on that bus for almost 2 hours. My friends called me late, I told them they put me on the wrong but. The difference is there I didn’t feel the safest in the world.

This weekend is the capoeira event in Bombay. My class went really well. There were 3 students, one returning. One of the other students who came to two of the previous classes sent a message saying he was going to be busy for the rest of the season due to work, but I should really consider giving class in a closer neighborhood to be more convenient for him. I can’t say that this didn’t make me a little upset. The drive here is about 20 min; he has a car, doesn’t need to carry instruments, and is from here and knows the way. I’m very happy about my 3 very enthusiastic students I had this Sunday. It was even nicer because we all went out to grab some food afterwards. It was just really great and made me really happy.

Ok, it’s super late. I know there are loads of other things I want to talk about like the screaming cat outside my window earlier tonight. It sounded like it was scaring off a daemon by the way it was hissing and howling. Tomorrow comes more center reviews and more teacher meetings.

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