Working Saturday 3

I tried doing capoeira in my flat and in the process almost broke my tv, bed, cabinet and foot. I don’t think I can try too much of that. Yoga is good though. Tomorrow is the second official capoeira class there. I need a new space!

Today was the teachers meeting and the art fest. Both were really fun. The teachers meeting is a time when all of the teachers come together and discuss readings, share ideas and lesson plans, and get to spend a little more time together. It’s a great forum. I also got to promote my training for Thursday, which I am very excited and nervous about. The Art Fest was a great time. The whole education team got there late because of the meeting, but we were thrown right into activities. Some of the kids from Bombay came on busses. It was great to meet them! There were different rooms and art activities throughout the school. The kids were so great. Afterwards there was a mini dance party on the front lawn of the school and then they all sat down to hear a call and response story about a bear hunt. I loved this story growing up! They all participated, the older kids, the younger ones. I can’t see it being as successful in the US but I could be wrong. There were around 600 kids there. I’d say it was pretty amazing! It was fun to also hang out with some of my coworkers. We even danced a bit.

Another great part about this week was cooking! I love having a fridge. I can have cereal in the morning, buy yogurt, have toast with butter, and last but not least, make food and bring lunch! The first day that I did this I made a kind of tomato and eggplant sauce. No one would eat it! I even thought it was kind of bland. This is only because here everything has a liiiiiiiittle spice, but mostly it has enough to make you go aaaahhhh and need a little water. So, I got a recipe from Pooja and she took me to buy a few different types of masala: chili, garlic, and mixed. She told me how to prepare everything. Unfortunately, the next day I was in the big meeting, and the day after I came back after everyone had eaten. However, those who did try it, including Pooja, thought it was really good! I felt very accomplished.

Right now we have center meetings at work, every month we go over next steps for each center, what we want to accomplish, difficulties, service projects, and anything else center related. I have to go allllll over Pune. It’s kind of an adventure, or at least I’d like to think so. I don’t spend that much time in the office, and I get to spend a little more time observing classes and working with teachers, which is what my job is all about.

Ok, I’m taking the next half hour to do some Hindi studying. I’ve been very bad at my alone time studying, which I desperately need.

    • Naveen
    • December 6th, 2010

    Hey Ana, How did your Capoeira classes on Sunday go? Hoping you catch up on Hindi soon. Also Wishing you Happy Spicy Cooking, Cheers !

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