Many mini updates

Again I think there are many things that I forgot to talk about. I spoke with my sister tonight and she told me to tell her more about the wedding. Unfortunately, there’s not much more to say. It was fun to watch, to meet the bride and her family, the food was amazing, but that’s about it.
Capoeira class had to be cancelled again tonight because no one could make it. I’m going to have to think of a new plan of action if I want this to work. People can make it to that space on weekends but people don’t travel much (so I’ve been told) out of their respective neighborhoods. Things are just far away from each other.
I remember what I wanted to say but the time has come for me to sign off. I’ll just give a heads up that I had a great teaching day on Monday.

Ok, so last Monday was a bit rough. I was in a center where the teacher was out and will be out for a while. The behavior of the children made me doubt my abilities of a teacher – had I been out of teaching for too long? Apparently they didn’t understand my accent, the volunteers were also new, and they were still settling down from vacation. This past Monday, the kids were great. We did a lesson, a KWL chart to be exact, on saving water. This is their service project. Each center has to do one service project a semester. Those of you who know me well know that this couldn’t make me happier. I love socially responsible and conscious kids. I saw some other projects of other centers and they’re really great. One center is doing a campaign for wearing helmets while riding two-wheelers (translation: motorcycles, mopeds, scooters). Bicycles are strictly called bicycles. I’ve said I go by bike at home in New York a few times and people think I have a motorcycle.

Speaking of motorcycles, the time has come that I think I might actually get one. My friend Arun from work has an extra one. I figure that it will be safer to go on my own, with a helmet, than to go on the back of other people’s without a helmet. Don’t you think?

Going on the back of other people’s bikes though is good for bonding. I had a great conversation with another Social Worker from work about her values. We spoke about marriage and what she wants from a partner. She wants two kids, one adopted, and her spouse needs to be ok with that. Until she finds one, she won’t get married. She is also the only person to move away from home. She followed her dreams to be a social worker, she loves working with children and spends all her free time doing so. I have so much respect for her. She is so passionate, actually she might be one of the most passionate people, who love what they do, that I’ve ever met.

On the working front, we had a managers meeting today. It was like a general meeting in the US, speaking about what happened last time, the direction of the organization, etc. There was a self-empowerment part where we had to figure out what we needed to work on for ourselves. I loved it. We also had a scavenger hunt to break up the day. In smaller groups we discussed strategies, next steps, and how things are going. It was really nice. Again, we were all sitting on the floor in a circle. It was really great. It also gave me a chance to get to know someone else from work. This also makes me feel quite happy!

Oh and two last things that a great! I had a skype date with my sister last night which made me soooo happy. And, today is the first day in about a week in a half that my stomach doesn’t hurt. It feels so great you have no idea!

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