happy wednesday

The heart of a child is so amazing. I’m at work right now reading some pieces of a newsletter one of the centers put out last year; we’re trying to get centers to produce newsletters again. I know that I was like this too when I was a kid; I thought I was going to save the world, stop wars, give food for all poor people, make everyone happy, make the world a better place, etc. It’s really nice reading someone else’s words on this.

One kid wrote,
If I will be the Prime minister for one day I will change all private schools and government schools. The boys and girls who do not have parents, I will make an ashram for them and I will send some teachers. We have to help the country.
I will help poor people who do not have houses to live. I will build houses for them and I will teach their children. I will visit small cities and I will make place in their heart. The young boys who are not taking care of their parents, I will make an ashram for them also and I will try that their life will pass happily.
I will make hospital for old people. I will give punishment to those who are doing bomb blasts and kidnapping children.

If I have superpowers then I will change the world by helping poor people who do not have houses. I will make clothes for animals because after wearing they will not feel cold. I will clean the whole world. When we go to the market to buy vegetables, it is very expensive. I will make vegetables cheaper.

Much later this week…
I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t had time to write since last Saturday. I feel like things have moved so far since last week. The most recent development is that I have a refrigerator. It’s amazing. I cooked tonight and put the leftovers in the fridge. I also bought milk and yogurt for breakfast food. I’m very excited about that! I also got my first salawar kameez (shirt pants) set, which I think is really pretty.
Things with work are good as well. I finally feel busy enough and that I’m doing something. I have a complex with not feeling useful enough. There are also a few teachers from work who have found my blog and are reading it, which makes me chuckle a little bit and yes, a little nervous as well. I also am starting to feel like I know what I’m doing, I can get around on my own, people from work are really great so it makes every day a pleasure to walk into the office. I also got a bank account, which will allow me to stop dipping into my US account. There are other things as well but I can’t seem to think of them. I started decorating my flat a little, I hung some pictures (taped them to the wall) that I brought with me. I have new sheets that I’m using.
I also taught a great capoeira class on Sunday. Everyone did really well (I had 4 students who were very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, no one could make it to the Monday class I had scheduled. Fortunately, my friend Nupur was in town for another wedding and I got to go to the pre wedding dinner celebration/ceremony with him, his mother, and his best friend Atul. Atul said I made him feel good because everyone was staring at him also because he was with the foreigner. It was really funny. We had a great dinner, South Indian, that was served on a banana leaf. It was so good!
I haven’t yet touched on the subject of food and eating much. Food is eaten with your hands. In fact, my friend Pooja from work even stated that when she eats with silverware she doesn’t enjoy eating as much. It’s something I’ve been able to acclimate to really fast. I really enjoy it. You just have to make sure your hands are clean! Other things I enjoy are learning both Hindi and Marathi. I’m not sure which I’m learning half the time, but they’re very similar and I can get by with either here. I can’t yet speak most things from memory, but I know where to search for them in either my notes or from the book. I just remembered tonight that language first comes through understanding, then speech. So I made myself feel a little better. I know I’m very impatient with myself.

I’m also having fun with my new friends. It’s great to see Nupur when he’s here from Bombay because we can talk about capoeira and even bust into a game here or there. I made another good friend, Archie who is a friend of a friend of a girl from work. Everyone continues to be amazingly nice. Although they say I say thank you and sorry too much. I can’t tell if that’s a me thing or an American thing. I also got confirmations from some of my best friends that they’re coming to visit. I have one friend, Deena, who will visit at the end of January, and Erin and Noemi will be here in March! I’m so excited. I’m also excited because they can bring me some stuff I miss like the chocolate chips from TJs or a new towel, my other flip flops, there are definitely other things as well. The funny thing is that I can’t really figure out what I’m missing.
I feel like there are so many other things I wanted to say but can’t remember. This will have to suffice for now. It’s super late and I have to go to a center that is quite far from my house in the early, early morning. I’m going to attempt to take the bus the whole way, but I have a feeling I will get confused and lost. But I will attempt, and I know my reference points and I know how to say Sanga mala stop alerwerti, which means tell me when it’s my stop. And now my most recent addition is the same in Hindi. Mujeh (fill in destination here) gate peutarna hai, jab (fill in destination here) gate aayega tab batana. My favorite so far might be kay batat hai, which means awesome.

    • Smitha
    • November 30th, 2010

    its true! Food definitely tastes better when you’re eating with your hands. Miss you!

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