New Experience

Last night was a lovely new experience. Janvhi has been telling her aunt, who is really a cousin by cousin marriage of some sort, about me. They invited me over a few times, but last was the first time I could oblige. There are pictures to go with this. They live in Ganesh Pet, not too far from the office in a 1HK (hall, kitchen) with her husband. It seems they’ve adopted some of the neighbors’ kids; they came in and out, ate dinner, and relaxed as if they were family. There were two main girls, Sana, Godou and Byo. When we got there I was immediately told “Bolte,” (sit), and they spoke to me in a mix of Hindi and Marathi. Janvhi translated what she could (she is learning Marathi but speaks Hindi). We went to the kitchen for some food, sweets first, that her brother brought back from his hometown. They were amazing, but if I keep eating stuff like that, I’m sure I’ll have more than 1 cavity in my lifetime. We ate utipah (sooo good) and some rice. Godou brought food from her house to eat with us. Neighbors swept in and out of the flat; Janvhi said it was like show and tell. They all came to see the American. Her aunt’s husband and brother both harbored on me meeting someone so I could get married, someone on my level (e.g. well educated). I assured them that I could wait. We visited Sana’s family, more neighbors came in and out to see what was going on. It was quite a scene. It was also really fun. By the end Sanah, Godou, and Byo assured me that they were going to teach me Hindi and that I am to return next week. I left with yet another new family, a fully belly, and some new Hindi words and phrases. All in all it was a good night.

It was also rather nice to come back to my flat. Maybe all it needs is a few good scrubs, a paint job, pictures, plants, etc. I might need to do some nesting. We’ll see. I also can successfully get to work (I’m not sure if I trust myself to get home from work yet alone, but I it’s safe to say I know how to get there) by myself.

Work is also starting to pick up. I’m getting plans from the teachers and starting to ask more questions, I’m planning new teacher trainings based off of an older outline and of course my knowledge. It seems like I’m brining some good stuff to the table, which makes me feel good. My excel skills have come in handy as well. I like feeling useful ☺

Today I’m off to Bombay again, this time by train. Apparently there are 3 classes, AC, 2nd, and general. The general class, the one I’ll be taking, from what I hear, is an attempt to fit as many people as they can. The other two classes are sold out. We’ll see what happens with this.

Have a lovely Friday and a lovely weekend everyone!

    • Jenny
    • November 12th, 2010

    ooooooooooh. I love you! I am so happy you are happy!!!!

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