The FRRO is the office where foreigners need to register. This has been the thorn in my side this entire week. It is the most frustrating experience ever. The first time we went (I went with Kamlesh from work) and even though the forms were at a desk where people were sitting we had to go back after 3. We went back after three and picked up the forms. After you find a place to stay you need to submit the A form, C form, passport copies, copies of your contract, undertaking – which apparently needs to be in a specific format and is the reason why I need to return yet again tomorrow. This goes along with the frustration of finding an apartment only to know that in a few weeks (hopefully) I’ll find a new place and need to reregister with the police again. Today, I finally got the C form stamped, although I’m not sure how I did it and I don’t really want to post how I did it, inquire personally, I had a woman type my information into a computer, got my paperwork scanned, got my picture taken, and then, the next step is where I hit my wall. A woman said that my undertaking paper was wrong so I needed to get the format from the guy at the front desk. He, however, didn’t have any more copies so he sent me back to her. She was frustrated and said that it was his job to have copies of this paper and I was to go back to him. He then told me it was she who should have copies, and at this point I said I didn’t care who was supposed to have it but I needed it. The guy walked away to help someone else and the guy next to him tried to find this form and when he gave it to me he was yelled at (I’m not sure what was said) and then the guy handed me a form that said something like Ban Ki of Korea. It apparently is an example of what the form should look like. Meanwhile this Iranian guy was watching the whole thing and was amused. This helped me stay a little calmer and we walked out together laughing at the bureaucracy.
I read someone else’s frustration with this via a blog while looking up the needed documents. She shared similar frustrations as me. One of the comments on her blog asked how dare she get upset because this isn’t half as bad as what many folks need to go through to get into the US or anywhere else. This is true. These frustrations are probably minimal compared to what some other folks must go through. However, it doesn’t make them any less frustrating at the time.

Other little noticings… My apartment smells like vinegar. Somehow incense isn’t helping. On a brighter note it doesn’t seem as bad tonight. I also went to look at a flat very, very far away, but it’s AMAZING! I’m trying to weigh the options of living far but in a nice, very cheap apartment or living in a vinegary cockroach place, a little closer in a nicer location. I’m going to keep looking, but those two options are the ones open right now. I was also thinking that if I live in the far away place, I would get a scooter ☺ I know it’s dangerous, but it would make life soooo much easier.

What do you think I should do?

Light switches go up for off and down for up, which, many times, can get very confusing.

…update. I think I’m going to tough it out at my place for a while.

I’m off to the FRRO office, yet again, wish me luck!

…another update…Paperwork done. I have to go back on Thursday to pick up “the paper.” I brought Sameer with me, a friend from the office, also and Akanksha alumni. He’s now my good luck charm. He said that everyone was mean. They made him enter and exit from a different entrance. It’s ridiculous! But, the worst is over. I’m now sure that today was a good day. I woke up for a run, went to my roof (which isn’t the best view but is rather nice). And tomorrow brings Bombay again, this time by train.

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