This might be the last time I have a second to myself, or am not completely exhausted and jetlagged for the next few days. I had a 2 hour layover in Qatar; I charged my phone, my computer, walked around Duty Free, took some photos of an international airport (although the only immediate difference between this airport and any other one is that this has a child’s play area (which I think is awesome) and a Mosque).

I think some of the goodbye feeling has set in. I slept almost the whole way to Qatar. I was awake enough to eat really good plane food (no kidding) and watch Avatar, The Last Airbender. Although I love the show, I’m glad I didn’t spend the extra $12 to see the movie. I met two really nice people on the first flight, both shocked that this was my first time to India, and that I was moving here for two years. I explained a bit of the work I’ll be doing, although for some reason that still is a little fuzzy as well. I’m excited to finally get there though.

Some fun traveling stories…
1) I had no problem whatsoever bringing my berimbaus on either flight. No one asked what they were, said they weren’t allowed or anything. I feel like no one will believe me.
2) While sitting in the little technology booth in Qatar, charging my computer and sending small emails to family members saying I’d made it the first leg of the trip, I vaguely heard the word capoeira. I turned around and someone smiled at me as they walked by – I’m wearing my newest edition to capoeira gear, Mestre Boneco’s blue batizado shirt.
3) Another fun fact: Qatar airways not only has good food, but the pass out little candies before we leave the gate.
4) I had to repack my bags at the airport. I think I did a pretty good job packing, but both bags went slightly over 50lbs, unfortunately costing me greatly, but less so than having an extra third bag.
a. If anyone wants to send me stuff – once I have an address – (I think I should add a send me section to this blog) I’m missing Listerine, Body Wash (I bought some really yummy stuff too before I left), my other sneakers, granola, and chocolate ☺

I also feel like there is so much more I should and would like to say, but of course now that I have the time and made up some sleep, nothing comes to mind.

What does come to mind is to ask people for feedback. If you have anything you want to know, or what to know about my experience, differences between cultures, the illnesses (to put it nicely) that I will incur, or anything, please let me know. For your information, I am planning on documenting this trip as much as possible, so if there’s something I’m missing, I don’t want to leave any of my friends, families or readers out of the juicy details.

Ok, enough for now.

P.S. While writing this on the plane, I was sitting next to a man from Bangladesh who had absolutely no problem putting on his reading glasses, leaning over, and read every word as I typed it. He also had me fill out his immigration papers that were handed out on the plane. He wanted to talk during the flight as well, but sleep finally overtook me and I busted out my airplane pillow, my earphones, and passed out. I just thought it was so hysterical that he was ok being so invasive and up close and personal.

    • V. Manivannan
    • November 2nd, 2010

    Ditto on Airbender. Didn’t go to see the movie, don’t plan on ever doing so.

    Re: illnesses, I remember the first time I was in Sri Lanka I was stricken with the “December flu” (still not sure what that means) for like a half-month. I ended up just sweating it out, but I wish I knew then what I know now: that hot toddy (honey, hot water, and toddy/rum/whiskey) will get you well in no time. Just a thought, because it really sucks being feverish in subtropical/tropical heat.

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